To help new authors get started in publishing.  We work with those who want help and guidance.  We are very eclectic in the subject matter.  Often our projects fit niche crowds - or are general enough in nature to tantalize everyone.

Furiously eclectic!

What We Do

We customize the solution to your needs.

Published Works

  • Gilbert (publisher)
  • War Memoirs (publisher)
  • Journey to Israel (proofreader)
  • Adventures In India Book One (copyeditor)
  • Adventures In India Book Two (publisher)
  • Adventures In India Book Three (co-publisher)
  • The Portal 'Zine (writer)

Upcoming Projects

  • Furiously Eclectic: A Short Story Anthology
  • Toying With Destruction: War Stories
  • Toying With Destruction Classic (Wargame)
  • Too Many Elizabeths (coin game)


The Bumpy Road



Information info@tripleoakleaf.com

Submissions submissions@tripleoakleaf.com



Submission Guidelines


1.5 spacing; Courier New; .odt prefered, .doc accepted; cover page with author name (and your real name if using a pseudonym), physical address (add mailing address if different from physical address), approximate word count, email address (and your email address associated with paypal if applicable).



Unless commissioned, make sure to watermark your art or just send it in low resolution until a deal is struck.  This protects you.