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by Natalie Gray
A haunting tale brought to you from the mind of Natalie Gray. This story will sink it's teeth into you and you will not escape it's claws. Flee, before this story drives you into madness.

War Memoirs
Corporal William Dale and the Boys of Stewart Town
by Winston Gray

This is the story of William Dale (The British West Indies Regiment), taking you from his enlistment to his discharge, during The Great War. Herein you will read riveting stories of war, friendship, and loss.

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Journey To Israel
by Gloria Fidler

Out Of Print

Adventures in India
by Gloria Fidler

Book One: The Winding Path

Book Two: The Bumpy Road

Book Three: The Circular Route

Furiously Eclectic
A Short Story Anthology Volume One
by Natalie Gray, James M. Ward, Christopher Clark, Michael Wibberly, K.R. Bourgoine, John R. Phythyon Jr., Dave Newton, Martin J. Dougherty

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Toying With Destruction
A large scale army creation and battle game

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